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   Larry G. Brown Storytelling renews adventure, excitement, awe and fascination in the art of classic storytelling. Colorful characters, fluid plots, soulful themes and animated oration brings each story to the hearts of children, teens or adults of any age. Each listener becomes involved and actively engaged in the story from beginning to end and carries the tale with them to retell to others.

   Storyteller Larry Brown captivates audiences with a wide variety of themes, settings and genres. He tells original fantasy tales, traditional Ozark legends, history, ghost and mystery stories, tall tales and real life stories. Justice, courage and compassion weave through intrigue, suspense and fast-paced action to lure both listeners hearts and minds. His stories transport audiences to new places and far-away times with illustrative descriptions and magnetic tonality.

   Audiences of all ages relate to Larry Brown's rich stories and vivid settings. Each tale is refined for the needs of the audience, including children's literacy groups, recovery groups, historical societies, libraries, spiritual groups and many more. For more information on unique storytelling and entertainment in MO, contact Larry G. Brown today.

"Thank you so much for making our Halloween a memorable night. The kids' stories were just as enjoyable for us adults as they were for the kids. . . .I think the stories were hilarious and your voices and noises were really, really cool. Who knew you would make such an amazing old woman. . . For us- the whole night and each and every story was really enjoyable and spooky. Thank you SOOOOO much for doing this for us. " -Mary R.

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